Binars DiaPlus Ltd

Binars DiaPlus Ltd is an European medical wholesale company specializing in the of laboratory chemicals and reagents, standards, laboratory consumables, laboratory equipment for routine and specific application. Our company has a successful experience in this market since 2007 and has proven to be a reliable and responsible partner. The Company is market-oriented and aims at supplying quality, services and convenience, considering the importance of customers’ satisfaction Main activity of Binars DiaPlus is purchasing and wholesale distributor of leading European and World manufacturers within international medical market, employing extensive experience of our staff. Our Company is based in Latvia (EU) and we have a suppliers’ wide network and an ideal infrastructure permitting to cover all the needs of our clients, establishing narrow relations with each of them. We believe that the success not only takes root in the knowledge of the markets in which we are present but also in having a great team of people who works with us to do that this is possible. All purchased goods are stored under perfect conditions until they are prepared and shipped straight to customers. We believe and maintain: quality, efficiency and reliability. Binar DiaPlus Ltd offers flexible price policy and our professional team is always ready to offer you the best conditions of joint business.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with quality products by taking care of the whole process, starting from the selection of our suppliers, through our whole network to reach our customers and give them the best possible service from our end. Our aims are in improving constantly and to demand ourselves every day a little bit more in order to be able to adapt and to offer always products with high quality. Our best service: To look for any need that our customers can have inside our suppliers network and offer a wide portfolio of products with a rapid delivery.




Advia CentaurXP

Advia 1800

Advia 2120i

Dimension Xpand

Sysmex CA-1500

Immulite 1000

Immulite 2000





Arсhitect i2000



Ultrasonic shears


Elecsys 2010

Cobas e411



Weck Hem-O-Lok